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Principal Mediator and Arbitrator Meagan Bensadoun

Meagan’s mediation experience started in small claims court, to helping alongside family court and now in private practise. Her passion to start eye to eye mediation stems from making sure all cases main focus is in the best interests of the children and creating parenting plans that every party can easily follow. Following her BA in Psychology, Meagan completed 4 certificates in alternative dispute resolution, family mediation and family arbitration. In addition to public court and private practise, she has volunteered in outreach community projects to implement peer mediation programs in schools to teach children her passion for alternative dispute resolution. Her personable manner, active listening, and creative thinking has given her the leverage needed to devise strategic plans following family hardship that focus on compromise, fairness and accommodating the unique needs of her clients and their families.

FAQ/Why Mediation?

Why choose family mediation?

Privacy! Mediation keeps you and your family out of the public court process
Control! It allows parties to make decisions that are mutually acceptable and in the best interests of the child(ren)
Affordability! Mediation is a financial and emotional cost efficient alternative to lawyers.
It's quick. Mediation can be done as fast as you need it to be done. Given both parties provide full financial disclosure, a mediation can start within two weeks of signing the mediation agreement.
It works! Statistics prove that parties who are in control of their outcome, are much more likely to stick to the decisions made.

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